About Nacho Junk

Who we are

Nacho Junk is a locally owned and operated junk removal company located in Okaloosa county. 

We clean the area after every job. Moveouts. Foreclosure and eviction cleanups. And we even provide demolition services for your small and medium construction and remodeling projects. Free estimates available!

*We offer AFTER HOURS parking lot cleaning contracts at a fraction of the cost of sweepers! Free estimates for daily, and weekly contracts! Ask about our Firefly Service!*


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(850) 612-7342


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Responsibility to our Environment

One of the most common misconceptions we run into is, "I thought the landfill was free." In some municipalities, when the government owns the landfills, that's the case. All of the landfills around here are privatized. No one dumps for free.

We only deal with proper waste disposal. Illegal dumping is a growing problem. A problem that was critical to the development of Nacho Junk Removal. We ONLY dispose of waste through the proper processes. If something can be recycled, we do it. Some items cannot be disposed of at the curb, or in your residential bin, or commercial dumpster. That's where we come in. We have avenues to dispose of ALL items. Those avenues have associated costs.

One local landfill has a MINIMUM of $36, $46 if you use debit/credit cards. PLUS a $6 fee for "environmental impact".

That's a MINIMUM of $42 if you're paying cash, for a small trailer or truck bed load.

When you're quoted a very inexpensive price, you get what you pay for. Any company that offers you a super cheap removal is likely not disposing of your waste in a responsible manner. So PLEASE make sure that you're dealing with reputable junk removal companies, or you may be contributing to illegal dumping.

That's why recycling, re-purposing and donations are a KEY component to our business model. We work with various charities, including Waterfront Mission, Salvation Army, Goodwill, ReStore(Habitat for Humanity) and others to make sure as much as possible stays out of our landfills.


It's OUR responsibility to leave things better for the future.